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Jojo Murals, Conan and the passing of Momoko Sakura : This week in Japan

Jojo murals around Tokyo to celebrate anniversary Tokyo has fully embraced the beautiful art and odd poses of Hirohiko Araki’s famous manga and anime series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The 30th anniversary of the manga publication is currently being

Tottori Food Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user avlxyz 10559879@N00/4745140412/Gyukotsu Ramen Gyukotsu ramen is different in that, rather than the traditional use of chicken bones for a broth like in the Kanto region, or fish, or even pork, they use a beef bone broth to make the sou

Tottori Access Guide

While being the nation’s least populated prefecture, Tottori still has a large variety of options in terms of transportation. It has two airports that hold both domestic and international flights, as well as nearby major airports from the Kansai area that conn

Tottori 1-day-tour Itinerary

Tottori is rather small in terms of size, which allows easy transportation between points of interest and tourist spots. If you are planning on having as much fun possible in one day, we recommend you start off from Tottori Station due to its ease of access an

The Best Times to Visit Tottori

Tottori Castle Ruins in SpringWhile you may be thinking that castle ruins are nothing to feel special about, you will quickly change your mind when you visit the Tottori castle ruins in Spring. Originally a castle built into the mountainside and protected by a

Tottori for the First Time

Photo Cred: Flickr user tomoko_hori 36075252@N06/3334530063/Tottori Sand Dunes When you think of Japan, do you think of sand dunes? The answer seems obvious. But in reality, sand dunes do actually exist in Japan, and the only place they exist in is Tottori pr

Sakaiminato Trip

Abour Sakaiminato:Sakaiminato is a city located at the tip of the Yumigahama peninsula, and the whole area is about 28 square kilometers. Due to its advantageous geographical location, Sakaiminato has been a major trading port since the late 1800s. The city i