Yoyogi Park acted as the Olympic village for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Now it is fully accessible to the public. Meiji Shrine, a must-visit in Tokyo, sits in the center of the park. There is no shortage of towering old trees, rendering Yoyogi Park a favorite weekend picnic spot for Japanese families. When the sakura trees blossom and petals fall, tourists flock in to appreciate the beauty of the sakura dancing.

Yoyogi Park is a scenic treat, in amongst the bustle of the city. Yoyogi Station is close to both Shibuya and Shinjuku. A new, modern commercial complex was opened in Yoyogi Village in 2012. It brings together a selection of stylish restaurants, pubs and snack bars. It is such a beautiful location and wedding ceremonies are often held here. If you are passionate about art and culture, Yoyogi Village is worth a visit.

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