Shibuya is considered the center of Japanese youth fashion and culture. In Shibuya, you are free to wear whatever you like. No one will pass judgment, or treat you like an alien based on how you dress.

There are several famous fashion department stores in Shibuya including the Tokyu department store, Shibuya 109, the Marui department store on Park street, Mark City and Tokyo Plaza, south of Shibuya station. There are other shops hidden in Shibuya’s maze-like streets. It is worth weaving through these, to find unique and special items.

There are also many grocery stores, restaurants, nightclubs and game centers. The large intersection in front of Shibuya station is widely known as one of the busiest intersections in the world. During rush hour, there are literally thousands of people crossing at the same time.

Standing amongst all the neon advertisements and giant video screens is other-worldly. Japanese TV Dramas including The Boys and The Beast of Mamoru Hosoda all take place in Shibuya. You can also find the Hachiko statue in front of the station. It’s waiting for you, so come and experience the excitement of Shibuya.

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