Roppongi literally means ‘six trees’. It is said that there were six families who lived in the area during the Edo Period, the: Aoki’s, Ichiyanagi’s, Uesugi’s, Katagiri’s, Kuchiki’s and Takagi’s. These surnames all refer to wood, thus the six trees.

Roppongi is in the Tokyo harbor district. There are many foreign embassies in this area, as well as exotic shops and restaurants. The area is famous for its colorful nightlife, and is a popular gathering spot for westerners.

In midtown, Roppongi is noted for its contemporary design and style. There are always various exhibitions, you can go shopping or enjoy gourmet dining. In winter, the streets are decorated with dazzling Christmas lights. There is also a comprehensive complex, Roppongi Hills, which took seventeen years to complete. The complex includes shopping, dining, entertainment, apartments and offices. Famous companies, such as Google, are based here. It is an open and youthful space. In addition, you can visit cultural attractions including the Mori Art Museum and The Natural Art Center.

Every weekend, the famous nightclub V2 embraces visitors from all over the world. The club hosts world- famous DJs. If you want to join in, don’t forget to bring your passport.

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