Koenji is a comfortable residential area, well-known for small bars and live music. When walking the shopping streets of Koenji, you will find snacks, vegetables, furniture, beddings, office supplies, electric products and all kinds of clothes including Kimono and western style clothes. This shopping paradise also gathers vintage clothing boutiques and discount stores, and attracts the young crowds.

Soak up the Japanese culture in Koenji by sampling traditional Japanese cuisine. The area features different kinds of restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style pub). You can purchase buckwheat noodles, sushi, Tonkatsu (fried pork chop over rice), ramen and other delicious dishes. The traditional restaurants are mixed with the latest fashionable and artistic cafes and bars.

Koenji welcomes domestic and international tourists all year around. Each August sees the Koenji-Awaodori Festival, one of the three largest festivals in Tokyo. This attracts millions of tourists, annually. During the festival, the Za-Koenji Theater, which was designed by Toyo Ito, will host a grand performance!

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