Ikebukuro is another well-known business district and fashion hub in Tokyo. One of the three “capital centers”, Ikebukuro has the largest number of Chinese residents in Tokyo. The streets that connect the east exit of Ikebukuro Station and Sunshine City are lined up with countless department stores, home appliance stores, fashion boutiques, cinemas, restaurants and game centers.

For tourists who truly love to shop, Ikebukuro is unmissable. You can pretty much find anything you could imagine here. Well-known shopping malls accessible from Ikebukuro Station include Tobu Department Store, Seibu Department Store and the Metropolitan Plaza. Sunshine Aquarium and Cat Cafés (neko-kissa) are two of the top spots for romantic dates in Tokyo.

This is also the place for the manga obsessed. Bustling with manga and side-line manga products such as Animate, this spot is home to Namja town. This is owned by the gaming company Namco, and offers a wide range of snacks and Namco themed facilities. Pokemon lovers can visit the Pokemon Center.

The West Exit of Ikebukuro Station features cultural facilities such as Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo and Rikkyo University. The Ikebukuro West Exit Park is especially well-known, thanks to a popular TV series. Some weekends, there will be a flea market or street performances in the park. This adds to the charming feel of Ikebukuro.

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