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SpaceX, Typhoon Jebi Recovery and Kit Kats : This week in Japan

Space X will be sending ZOZOTOWN’s CEO to Space! Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is fulfilling his promise of sending the everyday citizen to space and he’s starting his mission off by sending one of Japan’s richest men: CEO of Zozotown an

Naomi Osaka & Typhoon Jebi : This Week in Japan

1. 20 year old Naomi Osaka defeats Serena Williams in US Grand Slam In recent news about 20-year old tennis champion Naomi Osaka beating American all-star Serena Williams spread internationally like wildfire. In one of the most intense finals of the US Open,

Sailor Moon Themed Yukatas: This Week in Japan

Sailor Moon Themed Yukatas In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you… for looking devilishly stunning in these Sailor Moon themed Yukatas! Kimono-maker Kyoto Marubeni is coming in to save us from the heat this summer by releasing the most beautiful Sailor

A glimpse of Japan's festivals - all in the one spot!

There are many brilliant reasons to pay Japan a visit - the amazing festival culture here being one of them. What do you do though if a particular festival you want to check out isn't on at the time of year you're visiting? Or maybe you can't get to every regi

Trip to Tokyo – A First Timer’s Plans and Expectations – Day 8

Hello there, fellow traveller! Only two more days to go. This is the time to revisit those spots where you left with unfinished business. A bit of backtracking, so to speak. For us it’s another freaking shopping day. Since I wanted to buy some cute Japanese ou

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at Harajuku!

Harajuku needs very little introduction; it's one of the most visited districts in Tokyo, and offers up a wide variety of fashion and food. In this article, we'll be focusing more on the food. Of course, these are all food places I've tried myself and enjoyed,

Top 5 must-see spots in Tokyo

japan 400.JPG 1.65 MB1.       Sensō-ji TempleNo visit to Tokyo is complete without stopping by Sensō-ji Temple. Located in Asakusa, this temple is always bustling with people. There are many activities, food stands, and souvenir shops surrounding the area. It

Lattes in all colors of the rainbow - naturally - at this Tokyo Coffee Shop!

If you're like me, you like finding the cute, quirky coffee shops a city has to offer when you're out and about exploring. Well, Tokyo has a unique little coffee shop that has lattes in all colors of the rainbow - but you might be a little surprised as to how

Shitamachi: A Face of Tokyo You’ve Never Seen Before

We all know Tokyo as this dazzling nightlife metropolis, where skyscrapers and neon lights take over over the cityscape as soon as the sun goes down. However, there is this little area of Tokyo that is unlike any of those things – an area that brings us back t

Secretly Hidden Shrine Called: Hanabusa Shrine

Secret of The hidden Shrine: Akihabara  Busy streets in akihabara via credit tokyobling.png 433.43 KBWhether you are visiting Japan/Living in Japan. Have you really seen it all? know all the unique and rare places to visit. Visit a rare and least explored pl

Winter wonderland at Tokyo Disney Resort!

What better way to enjoy this holiday season than to visit the happiest place on earth! Disneyland Tokyo and DisneySea both have special winter events lined up, starting from November 2017 extending all the way to March 2018. The parks will showcase special ne

d47 Museum Shibuya: Problem to Product Gift Exhibition

Japan is split in 47 prefectures and for sure every prefecture has its own problems. It is always a difficult way to find solutions, but if there is one they often result in something great. At the current exhibition at d47 Museum in Shibuya, you can find 47 p

Tokyo's Best Foodie Boroughs

Tokyo is one of the best cities in the world for foodies.  You'll see more than a few Michelin Stars in Japan's capital city, and you might be surprised at just how broad the options are in terms of cuisine.  Besides the hometown favorites (including regional

Eat with Goku at Cafe & Diner

The Popular Dragon Ball series is back in a yummy and also fashionable form.Sorry this time you won't be seeing Goku is his Saiyan forms but you can enjoy a nice day at the cafe & diner , seeing Kid Goku and friends , seeing the pop up cafe image , oh them

Get your skates on - 5 seasonal ice skating rinks in Tokyo and Yokohama

There are certain wintertime activities that just feel festive - one of which has to be ice skating. I think about my favorite Christmas movies, like Elf - and there's almost always an ice skating scene in them. Even though Japan may not celebrate Christmas in

Hurry for Curry! Top 3 places to easily find curry in Tokyo.

Japanese curry in itself is one-of-a-kind. There are various ways to make it, not to mention a whole bunch of different toppings to match. While there are a bunch of curry places out here in Tokyo, I’ll be listing the top 3 places that are easy to find but won

Tranquil Tokyo: Your Guide to Finding Zen in one of the world's busiest cities

When you’re lost in the hustle and bustle of the big cities of Japan, it can be easy to forget that Japanese culture is deeply rooted in the principles of simplicity, enlightenment, and oneness with nature.  Hardly seems that way when gazing upon Tokyo Skytree

Ameyoko-loco: What to See, Eat, and Buy at One of Tokyo's Most Populous Markets

With Tokyo in ruins at the end of the second world war, Ueno Station became a gathering point for those who had no other place to go. The station was a terminus for many train lines heading north. Returning soldier, laborers, vegetable peddlers and others pass