Akihabara is called Tokyo’s Electric Town, as you can easily find all kinds of digital gadgets and accessories. You can find household appliances, digital products and cameras. However, it is also often the best place to find obscure and highly specialized items, like computer transistors and cabling.

As you may be aware, Akihabara is famous for video games, anime and comics. There are large theme stores such as Animate and AKIBA Culture Zone. There is also a second-hand shop – Liberty – which is popular with animation game fans. Akihabara is heaven for otaku.

In Akihabara, you can also experience Moe culture. There are cosplay maids, standing on the sidewalks, handing out flyers. There are also two main maid café chains called @home café and Maidreamin’. There are several branches of each in the area. Just order an entrée or a drink from the menu, and a maid will perform for you. You can also see the idol group AKB48, one of Japan’s famous pop groups, on the 8th floor of Don Quixote in Akihabara. They perform one public show every day.

The food in Akihabara is unique. Oden Can is worth a try. It is traditional Japanese udon, but canned. As fashion changes every minute in Akihabara, you should open your mind and get involved.

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