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Snow monkeys - Japanese rarity

One of the rarities Japan can boast with is “snow monkeys” living in Nagano prefecture. The monkeys are Japanese macaques, a species vernacular to Japanese mountains and they are the most northern-living nonhuman primates in the world. The monkeys are able to

The all-year-round resort at the doorstep of Tokyo with celebrity factor!

Just over an hour away from Tokyo lies Karuizawa, a beautiful mountain resort, that famously serves as an escape from the suffocating summer heat of the city in summer, as a stunning retreat in spring and fall to watch the cherry blossoms and fall foliage, and

Places worth visiting in and near Matsumoto city

Matsumoto city is an excellent and compact city with lots of local soba restaurants, izakayas, and some tourist attractions. You can ride a bike for free if you sign up at the bike parking in front of the railway station. If you plan to stay for more than one

Monkey business @ Nagano

One advice that I  repeatedly heard before going to Japan: Always call a day or two before to check. Too bad my family didn't follow that >.<Our plan was to go skiing but the weather was too warm and they were not enough snow for skiing  (we went in Nove

A view from above the clouds - Sora Terrace

 Today, my friend and I have decided to visit an extraordinary touristic attraction – a terrace high above the cloud height with a vista of northern part of Nagano prefecture. The place has adopted its name from Japanese word for a sky – “sora” and if you plan

Tateyama Alpine Route: Is this Japan’s Most Spectacular Mountain Destination?

Photo by Christie ATowering snow walls in late spring, grassy plains and wildflowers in summer, stunning autumn foliage, Japan’s tallest waterfall and highest altitude onsen, one of the 3 most important mountains in the country,  unique modes of transport, 10

Iizuna 2 Day Tour Itinerary [Nagano Prefecture]

Known as a popular destination for winter sports, Nagano is located in the central area of Japan, and was the host of the 1998 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, thanks to its mountainous region and snowy slopes.  However, Nagano is not just about skiing and sno