Miyagi Articles

Enjoy "the most scenic" desserts in Miyagi!

Just imagine: it's a hot summer day and you are longing for some sweet refreshment. Maybe some home-made chilled Purin (Japanese custard) with a sweet, but not overbearing caramel sauce. Or some freshly shaved ice (kakigori), topped with strawberries and a lig

Sendai Sushi Lovers' Delight

Tohoku is famous amongst food lovers for having some of the best sushi and sashimi in all of Japan. With the Pacific Ocean coast nearby, the fish and seafood is extraordinarily fresh and of course many restaurants take great pride in aiming to deliver the high

Sendai Daikannon - One of the world's top ten tallest statues

The city of Sendai is famous for being the gate to Tohoku and having been founded by Date Masamune. Bright lights, big city, shopping, night life, great food.  But another, much lesser known sight of Sendai city is the Daikannon, Japan's highest statue of a go

The three coastal landscapes “Nihon sankei” - Matsushima

The three coastal landscapes “Nihon sankei” are considered to be the most beautiful landscapes in Japan. Those have a scenic view of the sea & countryside. They were often an inspiration for japanese artists and literati. Especially since Hayashi Gaho wrot

Islands of Japan

IntroductionFrom snowy Hokkaido to tropical Okinawa, the archipelago of Japan consists of over 4,000 islands. Stretching along the Pacific coast of East Asia, the four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Thousands of smaller islands surroun

700 Koinobori Float Through the Sky of Disaster-affected Area

Every year on kodomo no hi, a Japanese national holiday called Children's Day, colorful koinobori are raised all over the country. They are wind socks in the shape of koi fish and therefore called carp streamers. NHK, Japan's national public broadcaster, repor