Nature Abounds (And Ninjas Just Bound) in Japan’s Spiritual Heartland

A cultural wonderland nestled in central Japan, Mie Prefecture with its medley of enchanting historical landmarks and stunning natural vistas is, bar none, the only place for those hard-struck by wanderlust.

With its lofty peaks and stunning coastline, Mie serves up an incomparable offering of walks and hikes for outdoorsy types, like the ancient Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes, and treks through giant salamander territory to the cascading splendor of the Akame 48 Waterfalls. Culture vultures can devour the Ise Jingu complex, where Japan’s sun goddess and most important deity in the Shinto religion is housed, and, also waiting to be devoured are delectable lobster and Mie’s prized melt-in-the-mouth Matsusaka Beef.
Ravishing flora and fauna are transformed with each season in the grounds of the Nagashima Resort, while at night millions of LEDs paint iridescent scenic views. Oh, and Mie is the birthplace of ninjas, fully tooled-up ninjas.


Places to visit in Mie

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