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Playstation Mini, Sweet potato Frappucinos and Goldfish Phone Booths : This Week in Japan

PlayStation Classic mini console release Christmas has come early this year because Sony has finally released their PlayStation Classic Mini console with 20 of your favourite games built-in, including one of the games that started all our gaming addictions: F


京都車站除了擁有三鐵(也就是JR,地下鐵以及近鐵)共構之外,車站外的巴士站也是月台排排站,每天的交通運輸量與來往人潮都相當驚人。而有人潮的地方呢,就會有各式商店的林立,現在我們就來介紹在京都車站內,都還不用出站,就可以好吃、好買、好好逛的購物美食地圖! 對旅人來說最重要的寄物櫃趕快把行李寄放吧!在京都車站裡呢,有相當多的置物櫃可以使用。 從車站月台旁的一整排置物櫃到車站外的置物櫃,甚至還有兩間以上由專人顧行李的行李房,所以來到京都車站的第一件事情,就趕快擺脫沈重的行李,讓自己一身輕盈的逛街去吧! THE CUBE

Staying in a traditional Kyoto Townhouse on a budget!

Have you ever wandered through Kyoto and marveled at the gorgeous old townhouses? And secretly imagined yourself staying in one and feeling like you're part of Memoirs of a Geisha? Well, I confess, I have! But did you know, you actually can stay in one of thes

Experience the epic Tale of Genji

When you hear “Uji” you will most likely, and for a good reason, think of green tea and all things matcha (check out my post about Uji's green tea here Uji Bridge But despite being “Japan’s green t

Byodo-in and the Temple of the Phoenix

The rather small city of Uji, located between Kyoto and Nara, is famous for its green tea (check out more about Uji green tea here, but it is also home to one Unesco World Heritage Historical Buildi

Japan's Green Tea Capital

The city of Uji is located between Kyoto and Nara, two cities that are considered famous cultural centers with a rich history. It's not really a surprise that Uji itself, due to the proximity to these former capitals, developed into a kind of cultural center i

Magical fortune telling!

What would a visit to the shrine or temple be without omikuji!  Together with ema and omamori, these little fortune telling papers are an essential part of any temple or shrine. Said to date back over 1000 years, this tradition of obtaining a divine opinion on

The best ground soybeans in Kyoto! Made by you!

If you have experienced New Year's in Japan, you are most likely familiar with the traditional New Year's dishes, Osechi-ryōri, one of them being kuromame, a dish consisting of black soy beans cooked in sweet syrup. These soybeans are supposed to symbolize har

Rilakkuma Goyururi Kyoto – Explore the ancient capital with the cute characters!

Rilakkuma is one of the most famous characters in Japan nowadays. New product lines are released regularly, time-limited restaurants are always crowded and new product collaborations are coming up more and more. The hype around the cute brown bear and its smal

A guide to all of Kyoto's UNESCO world heritage sites

If you enjoy traditional art, architecture and history, there is truly no better place in Japan to visit than Kyoto. The ancient capital is so well preserved it produced a whopping 17 UNESCO world heritage sites, each of which with its own charms. For those pl

Staying at 9hours Capsule Hotel in Kyoto

On July 6th, I found myself at 9hours Capsule hotel in Kyoto, Japan. While some consider this a claustrophobic's hell, this was the coolest "hotel" I'd ever been in. I made my reservations at and chose this location over others in Japan specificall

My First Omurice: The Kichi Kichi Experience

On January 2017, my boyfriend Mike and I bought our first ever tickets to Japan. The logical next step after that was to make reservations for Kichi Kichi (キチキチ). I'd seen videos all over the internet of the red knit beanie-donning chef Yukimura Motokichi slic

5 Awesome Wagashi and Where to Get Them

Confection so delicate and beautiful you hesitate to eat them -- but it is exactly this moment of hesitation that wagashi (和菓子) inspires, a moment of hesitation perfect for reflecting about the poetry of nature and the elements represented by these exquisite c

Ryokan Hotel in Kyoto

My stay at ryokan hotel in Kyoto.I am going to share my experience about my stay in ryokan hotel while I was in Kyoto.Finding a nice ryokan hotel in Japan can be tough, whats more the price, but putting that aside, I am beyond satisfied with my stay at Satoyu

Why you should attend Jidai Matsuri- one of Kyoto's 3 great festivals!

The Jidai Matsuri is one of Kyoto's renowned three great festivals takes place on October 22 annually (please note that the festival will be postponed to the 23rd in the event it rains on the 22nd). The lively festival is celebrated by locals of all ages, ador

Luxuruious Geiko (Geisha) Photoshoot in Kyoto

If you think of Kyoto, you're likely to also think of Geisha (or Geiko, as they are called in Kyoto). There are many studios in Kyoto and other cities that allow you to experience what it is like to dress up as a cute, colorful Maiko or a mature, stylish Geiko

Iwatayama Monkey Park – An Adventurous Journey to Arashiyama, Japan!

8 Genrokuyamacho, Nishikyo-Ku, Kyoto      +81 75-872-09500900 – 1630 $500 Y – Adults, $250 Y – Child  With more than 2,000 Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, as well as gardens, palaces and scores of architecture, Kyoto is truly one of the most beautiful cul

Kyoto Imperial Palace – A serene and sublime experience!

3 Kyoto-Gyoen Kamigyo-Ku, Kyoto 602-0881, Kyoto PrefecturePhone:   +81 75-211-1215 It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo with its pop culture, karaoke bars, shopping and fashion – and that’s just day one of your visit.   For many who