Timeless tradition; The Cultural Heart of Japan

Japan’s ancient capital city is the epicenter of tradition. Steeped in history and with a dash of the mysterious, Kyoto captivates and intrigues like nowhere else.

From the strikingly golden Kinkakuji to the contemplative Zen stone garden of the Nanzenji Temple, to the winding alleyways of Pontocho with its hidden eateries and watering holes, Kyoto, with its many World Heritage sites speaks to the mind, body and soul. Kyoto’s month-long Gion Matsuri festival is Japan’s biggest, while the pine covered Amanohashidate Sandbar, known as a pathway between heaven and earth, is one of Japan’s most breathtaking views. Home to some of the finest traditional cuisine Japan has to offer, Kyoto is also home to Japan’s rarefied geisha — although combining the two will take rather deep pockets.


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京都車站除了擁有三鐵(也就是JR,地下鐵以及近鐵)共構之外,車站外的巴士站也是月台排排站,每天的交通運輸量與來往人潮都相當驚人。而有人潮的地方呢,就會有各式商店的林立,現在我們就來介紹在京都車站內,都還不用出站,就可以好吃、好買、好好逛的購物美食地圖! 對旅人來說最重要的寄物櫃趕快把行李寄放吧!在京都車站裡呢,有相當多的置物櫃可以使用。 從車站月台旁的一整排置物櫃到車站外的置物櫃,甚至還有兩間以上由專人顧行李的行李房,所以來到京都車站的第一件事情,就趕快擺脫沈重的行李,讓自己一身輕盈的逛街去吧! THE CUBE

Staying in a traditional Kyoto Townhouse on a budget!

Have you ever wandered through Kyoto and marveled at the gorgeous old townhouses? And secretly imagined yourself staying in one and feeling like you're part of Memoirs of a Geisha? Well, I confess, I have! But did you know, you actually can stay in one of thes