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Kumamoto Food Guide

Kumamoto has lots of traditional treats, from sweet to savory and spicy. Local DishesBasashi, or horse meat sashimi, is a famous local dish that is hard to find in most other prefectures. Like other meats, there are various cuts, from the lean to medium and fa

Kumamoto 3-day-tour Itinerary

Day 1In Kumamoto City, take the Castle Loop Bus and drop by Kumamoto Castle to take a look at how the castle managed to hold up against the major earthquake in April 2016. Buy some souvenirs and sample some local delights at Johsaien, a castle town complex loc

The Best Time To Visit Kumamoto

SPRINGThe Kumamoto Castle is known to be one of the most scenic sights to see sakura bloom. The delicate pink flowers against the backdrop of the black castle walls makes for a spectacular contrast. When entry into the castle was allowed, the locals would sit

This is the KUMAMOTO NOW!

In Apr 2016, there hit a big earthquake in Kumamoto prefecture, which is located in the island of Kyushu. Kumamoto prefecture is the one of the area where put higher priority on Inbound tourism. Considering the effort, it was unlucky that the earthquake destro

What's Next for Kumamoto?

Just as everyone was tucking in on April 14, the first quake hit the city of Kumamoto. Even though the epicentre was deep, the shelves shook, the chandeliers swayed, the kitchenware rattled. The tremors continued through the night and the entire next day. The