Bathing with Strangers. Try It, You Might Like It

Many westerners might consider it strange to be butt-naked with a bunch of strangers, but Onsen (hot spring bath) plays a key part in Japanese Culture. Just don’t make eye contact.

Kanagawa is a dynamic part of the greater Tokyo area. The capital city, Yokohama, features the famous Chinatown district and endless entertainment options.


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Pikachu Outbreak : This Week in Japan

1. Pikachu Outbreak You were warned, and we hope you listened when we told you to hide yo’ kids and hide yo’ wives again this year because the annual Pikachu Outbreak occurred this year in Japan! And, with rumors of an Eevee epidemic parade&hellip

Day Trip to Hakone: Winter Special

via sharleenchao/33258545853/sizes/l/ I noticed the first snow of the season on the alps near us this week. Winter is fast approaching and while that does mean cold, there are some definite positives to travelling in Japan during this season, such as the afore

12 Hours in Hakone – Autumn Special

Hakone is a really nice area in Kanagawa prefecture and is perfect for a daytrip from Tokyo. For sure, you can go there every time around the year, but every season has its special atmosphere and highlights. Now, with October ending, let us take a look how to