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Ibaraki Food Guide

Hitachi BeefIbaraki is known for its delicious beef, including Hitachi Beef, a brand of high-quality meat that is considered to be one of Japan’s best wagyu (Japanese beef) brands. It has great marbling and texture, and is fed grain produced in Ibaraki; a trad

Ibaraki Access Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user 雷太Because of its relative closeness to Tokyo and the surrounding metropolitan area, Ibaraki prefecture is very easy to get around. Be it from Narita Airport, or Ibaraki Airport, or any of the surrounding prefectures, you will have a wi

Ibaraki 2-day-tour Itinerary

Day 1 From Mito Station, take the Joban Line train to Katsuta Station, and take a bus to the Seaside Park bus station to visit the Hitachi Seaside Park. Here you can enjoy the flowers early in the morning, without the disturbance of other people. From here, go

The Best Times to Visit Ibaraki

Ibaraki is known for being a quiet natural retreat that is also conveniently located near the metropolitan area. Because of its beautiful nature, as well as its various attractions that are centered around nature’s beauty, any time of the year would be great t

Ibaraki For The First Time

So you want to travel to Ibaraki? Have no idea where to go? No problem. Here are some recommendations for where you can go for your first time! Fukuroda FallsFukuroda falls is arguably one of Ibaraki’s most famous sites, as it is considered one of three of Jap

10 top spots in Ibaraki prefecture

Ibaraki prefecture is one of the neighboring prefectures east of Tokyo and belongs to the Kanto area.  The prefecture borders Chiba and Saitama Prefectures in the south, Tochigi Prefecture on the west, and Fukushima Prefecture on the north. There are many nice

Touring Japan: My Autumn Love Affair

By Odigo Contributor Chiara Terzuolo The sticker on my chest concerns me, the bright yellow and designated number making me feel like I have been tagged. In all my years of traveling around as an adult (at least on paper), group bus tours have never been on my

Life in rural Japan: Getting my hands dirty in Ibaraki

By ODIGO contributor Matthew Ketchum Silver Week 2015 – Right on the heels of a frenetic evening full of blast beats, overdriven guitars, shrieks, and those revelling in the sonic mess that was the Blood Rite Vol. 10 music festival at Okubo’s Earthdom, I jumpe