Do Go Chasing Waterfalls in this Pacific Haven Just North of Tokyo

A marvelous melange of museums, gardens and cascading waterfalls, set against an expansive Pacific coastline and enveloped my magnificent mountains. Ibaraki’s old and new will suit one and all.

The town of Daigo, with its doddery old stores, suddenly gives way to the roaring cascades of Fukuroda Falls, looming at 120 meters the falls offer a different background pallet with each season. Nature chasers will also marvel at the radiant strolling gardens of Kairaku-en, one of Japan's top three or why not switch from a stroll to a hike up the 877 meter-Mount Tsukuba and find out why its called the “purple mountain.” Get schooled like a feudal warrior at the impressive Kodokan, or for all things experiential there's Tsukuba EXPO Center. And for salt-lovers, don’t miss the Yamasa soy sauce tour, where you can, well…, taste a load of soy sauce — Yum. Yum. Sodium.


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Ibaraki Food Guide

Hitachi BeefIbaraki is known for its delicious beef, including Hitachi Beef, a brand of high-quality meat that is considered to be one of Japan’s best wagyu (Japanese beef) brands. It has great marbling and texture, and is fed grain produced in Ibaraki; a trad

Ibaraki Access Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user 雷太Because of its relative closeness to Tokyo and the surrounding metropolitan area, Ibaraki prefecture is very easy to get around. Be it from Narita Airport, or Ibaraki Airport, or any of the surrounding prefectures, you will have a wi

Ibaraki 2-day-tour Itinerary

Day 1 From Mito Station, take the Joban Line train to Katsuta Station, and take a bus to the Seaside Park bus station to visit the Hitachi Seaside Park. Here you can enjoy the flowers early in the morning, without the disturbance of other people. From here, go