Skiing lovers should not miss the ski resorts in Niseko! Niseko is home to one of the top four ski resorts in the world and the most popular ski resort in Hokkaido. The town boasts many international resorts, hotels, hot springs, restaurants and shopping malls, and welcomes ski enthusiasts from around the world.

Niseko has the best snow for skiing. All the ski resorts are located on Annupuri peak, which sits at 1,309 meters above sea level. There are four ski runs in different locations up to the top of mountain. One ticket can be used for all four of the ski resorts, and together they form the "Niseko Snow Field".

If you are a fledgling skier, then the Annupuri ski resort is the best choice for you. The slopes here are gentle, so beginners or intermediate skiers will feel at ease. The Snow run in Niseko is the first choice for senior skiers to experience a more challenging course.

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