Kushiro · Mashū · Abashiri

The route from Kushiro to Mashu and Abashiri is well travelled in the winter. Take the Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko train from Kushiro to Shibecha station to enjoy the snow view of the Kushiro wetland from a vintage carriage. You can even experience the fun of squid grilling in one of the carriages! After arriving in Shibecha, take the Tokaido Express Bus to Mashu Lake, Sulfur Mountain and other attractions. Enjoy the volcanic landscape of Hokkaido and bathe in the hot springs. The bus connects to Shiretoko Station directly. Take the ‘winter-time only’ ice train to watch the unique natural phenomena of Hokkaido in winter as you journey to Abashiri.

This classic route allows you to experience a one-in-a-lifetime train ride while observing the Kushiro wetland red-crowned crane, the volcanic Mashu Lake and other natural landscapes. You will enjoy the fun of bathing, boarding on icebreakers and sailing in the Okhotsk sea.

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