Hakodate is at the heart of southern Hokkaido, and is also the southern gateway to Honshu. With its long history, world-famous night views and unique architectural style, Hakodate has become a must-see place in Hokkaido.

Hakodate is one of three seaports, initially opened for foreign trade. Motomachi is the best place from which to recall that period of time. With the opening of Hakodate, Motomachi became bustling for a while. It still retains a lot of Western-style buildings with exotic features, including all kinds of churches, consulates and a variety of Western-style houses.

Climb up from Motomachi to Hakodate Hill, and reward yourself with the views from the 334-meter tall observatory tower. The coastline is littered with colorful city lights. The beautiful sights will set your heart aflutter. From the end of April to early May, Hokkaido Goryokaku Park blossoms with sakura. Head up to the observatory to soak it all in.

Also do not forget the authentic Hakodate cuisine. Try out the super-popular local clown-themed hamburger chain Lucky Pierrot and the Hakodate salt ramen!

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