If your idea of a perfect vacation involves majestic forests, clear blue lakes, pillowy powder snow, and amazing, farm-fresh food, Hokkaido is an absolute dream. In summer, the relatively cool weather is perfect for exploring its stunning natural beauty, while winter transforms it into a snowboarding and skiing paradise. If you’re lucky enough to be there in early February, don’t miss the annual Sapporo Snow Festival and its gravity-defying ice sculptures of everything from Doraemon to Darth Vader.

As Japan's largest producer of meat, dairy and produce, Hokkaido also boasts some of the country’s most scrumptious cuisine. The list of must-eats include king crabs, Sapporo ramen and soup curry, a hearty dish of braised chicken and a bounty of fresh local vegetables in a fragrant, spicy broth. The only proper way to enjoy Hokkaido is to munch your way through it, helped by a few good slugs of the local Sapporo Beer.

Places to visit in Hokkaido

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The German Christmas Market in Sapporo

German Christmas Market Enjoy a little bit of Europe in Sapporo this Christmas holiday. The German Christmas Market in Sapporo is an even held every year from the end of November until Christmas Eve. It started in 2002 for the 30th anniversary of Sapporo and

Why Noboribetsu MUST Be On Your Hokkaido Itinerary

 Beautiful almost every season, this article will explain why your next Japan adventure should be in Hokkaido and more specifically, Noboribetsu. Noboribetsu Noboribetsu is located on the southern part of Hokkaido but in a very convenient location only 70km (5

Daisetsuzan National Park: Lake Shikaribetsu

Most of Daisetsuzan National park is located in northern Hokkaido but a sliver of it resides in eastern Hokkaido. That sliver is Lake Shikaribetsu. It is located north of Obihiro city in Shikaoi. You can get there by bus (from Obihiro Station or Shikaoi) and b