Festivals and Folklore Where All Roads Cross In Japan

An exquisite, ancient domain in the middle of Japan, Gifu Prefecture, with its bounty of mountain villages, traditional thatched farmhouses and onsen, also offers unrivaled festivals and delectable eats.

Take a step back in time with a saunter through the historic villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. This World Heritage Site is a delightful anthology of mountainous villages made famous for their quint, thatched-roofed farmhouses, while Takayama’s old town not only sees tradition frozen in time, but its spring and autumn festivals are considered to be among Japan’s best. High in the Alps in lesser known Okuhida, are an abundance of outdoor onsen to sooth and relax, before scoffing your face with a steaming bowl of Takayama ramen or some the region’s famous Hida beef. Just watch out for the “Satori” — little supernatural monsters that run around these parts reading minds. Which is odd…


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Satoyama Run in Hida Takayama

Introducing Satoyama Run, the Japanese marathon event which aims to provide tourists with a unique glimpse into traditional Japanese countryside life and culture. Set in the beautiful Hida Takayama region, the Satoyama Run is a yearly event which promotes inte

Japan's Secret Giant Buddha

After spending the morning in Inuyama, I made it to Gifu city nearby in the afternoon. I'd be sleeping the night there. But because I hadn’t yet had an appropraite meal that day I first headed off to Gifu Park, where I’d been recommended a little restaurant.Mi

Takayama Matsuri - one of Japan's best Festivals! Check it out all year long!

Takayama - Source: insidekyoto.comTakayama is a city in the Gifu prefecture, located about 4,5 hours from Tokyo and can be done for free when using the Japan Rail Pass. The city is celebrated for its traditional preserved city center and is gaining popularity