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Beach in Fukushima Reopens After 8 Years: This Week in Japan

Fukushima beach reopens after 8 years After the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit north-eastern Japan, Haragamaobama beach in the Fukushima Prefecture has finally reopened to the public. Like Haragamaobama, several other beaches were ravaged by

Fukushima Food Guide

Kozuyu – a combination of Mountain and SeaKozuyu is a type of soup that includes an assortment of unique ingredients, diced and simmered in a pot for some time. Traditionally, it was made by both well-off samurai and common folk alike, as the ingredients were

Fukushima Access Guide

Fukushima can be easily accessed from Tokyo through various means, as with many prefectures in the northern part of Japan. While the exclusion zone may make your travels a little longer depending on where you want to visit, most places in Fukushima are unaffec

Fukushima 2-day-tour Itinerary

Fukushima is great for experiencing a Japan that is not usually seen in the metropolitan area. The prefecture is filled with mountains and wilderness that is also conveniently located, though it may not be as accessible as most other tourist destinations. Phot

The Best Times to Visit Fukushima

If you are interested in seeing the seasons in its primal state, while being close enough to urban centers, Fukushima is a perfect solution. Situated in the southern part of the Tohoku region, it enjoys a mild climate that is comfortable year-round, yet can st

Fukushima For the First Time

If it’s your first time in Fukushima, it should be noted that your trip would be made several times easier and better with the use of a rental car, or some sort of automobile transportation. Fukushima is relatively large and mountainous, making public transpor