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A day at Kamogawa Sea World

[INSTAGRAM:] Kamogawa Sea World is located at Kamogawa, Chiba. If you happen to love sea creatures and are completely fine with being splashed by water by Killer Whalesthen this is the place for you! It is a great place for

Tokyo Game Show 2017: Come for the games, stay for the cosplay

Japan’s largest annual gaming event is here! If you're a gamer in Tokyo this weekend, head on over to Chiba's Makuhari Messe Convention Center to experience "Reality Unlocked." Last year's event featured plenty of VR tech, but this year they're taking things u

Layover at Narita Airport? Traditional Japan Awaits!

Believe it or not, Narita isn't just one of the two international airports around Tokyo. It is actually a 1,200 year old pilgrimage site and a charming city with a traditional heart. So, if you happen to have a layover at Narita airport and find yourself stran

Surf's up in Chiba, Japan

BY ODIGO CONTRIBUTOR DIEGO ROJAS Surfing in Japan… Say what? That’s right! The land of manga, temples, sumo, and ramen is also the land of a vibrant surfing culture. Bordered by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Japan has an extensive list of surf spots to choo