Cookie Time - Where Japan and New Zealand Meet!

Cookie Time - Where Japan and New Zealand Meet!

By Rebecca Smith | 2018-04-23 | 5 views
A few minutes’ walk from Harajuku station, take a left before the Takeshita Street sign, and you’ll find the popular Cookie Time Cookie Bar. Brought over from New Zealand in early 2014, the Cookie Time Cookie Bar has been a hotspot for natives, foreigners and tourists since its beginnings. I first visited last year on holiday with my sisters after watching one of Mimei Land’s vlogs. Not only did the cookies and drinks on offer look utterly amazing but being able to order completely in English, after some not so successful attempts in Japanese in other cafes, put me at ease.
They have annual events much like other cafes in Japan, as you can see I was there during Easter.

The shop itself is actually a lot smaller than I was expecting it to be, but the inside is completely decked out with Cookie Time paraphernalia and even has a spot where you can sing karaoke songs in the hopes of winning a free cookie. Along with its small size there is limited seating so you may have to stand around for a few minutes if like me you’re eager to get the perfect Instagram shot, but if you try to avoid the weekends you should be fine.

IMG_2764.JPG 2.51 MB

There’s an ice cream and fresh cookie display to browse as you work your way through the line, and a foreigner friendly menu describing what’s on offer from cookies to shakes to coffee. The ordering process is like that of any other café, just order and pay at the counter and they’ll call when your drink is ready.

IMG_2768.JPG 2.58 MB

As someone who doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth I went with one of the regular cookies and one of the glasses of flavoured milk with a little cookie stuck on top. Not only was the drink super delicious and cute but you got to keep the bottle and have a free refill! 

Told you it was cute!
However, if you desire something more decedent I went there again with one of my friends and we ordered one of the Cookie Shakes and oh my it was a delicious masterpiece, but something I would definitely recommend sharing as the two of us struggled!
It was huge!!!!
Overall, I would highly recommend visiting cookie time, the cookies and drinks are made fresh and are super tasty, the staff are really friendly and speak both English and Japanese, the prices are reasonable and there’s lots of fun things to take photos of and interact with whilst there.  

Hope you enjoyed reading my first post,

Becky. x
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