18 Kinds of Japanese Ice Cream

The first Japanese people to try ice cream were likely the Samurai who visited America in 1860. According to American news stories from the time, they liked it.In 1869, Japan produced its first ice cream in Yokohama but at 25 yen per serving it was a luxury th

Sailor Moon X My Melody Candy Palor

Another cute collaboration between Sailor Moon and My Melody , Opening today at The Guest Cafe & Diner at Ikebukuro.The characters are already so cute and with this cafe theme its even cuter and sweeter.I have written a few articles about collaboration at

Pepsi Releases New J-Cola Beverage on 17th April 2018 (Only Available for Japanese Market)

Pepsi is the international well-known cola-flavored carbonated soft drink. It has been manufactured and sold in Japan by Suntory since 1998. Coca-Cola is the biggest competitor and the company has released special edition drinks recently such as Coca-Cola Peac

Kappa (河童) hunting in Kitchen town!

Kappa (河童) hunting in Kitchen town! Original photos taken by me, February 2018Kappabashi street  (かっぱ橋道具街, Kappabashi Dōgugai) is famous for many things, it's basically known as Kitchen Town to the locals. But I think the most fun aspect of the area is it's de

Amazing Top 10 Hand Creams Tested by LDK the Beauty Magazine

Do you have cracked, rough and dry hands? The benefits of using a hand cream is softer hands. The hand cream replenishes lost moisture and prevent dryness of hands. Many hand creams contain natural ingredients such as beauty extract, whitening formula, coenzym

My most recommended things to do in Hiroshima

When in Hiroshima, you will find yourself drifting away from the modern world to dive into history of the wars. World War II has proved to be the most destructive war so far and initiated a fear of an energy that knows no mercy for any kind of life in nature w


Hi everyone! Gabby here and if you're just like me whose on a budget, pressed for time but still want to enjoy a trip to Japan then I'm here to tell you some tips on how to plan an amazing trip without having to spend excessive amount of money. First things fi

Top 10 Must Try Matcha Snacks and Desserts in Japan

When you think about Matcha Tea, you will probably think of Japan. Matcha tea has been associated with the image of Japan. Matcha is not only use for traditional occasions but snacks and desserts also. In Japan, you can find a lot of foods, sweets or snacks ar

Okinawa World - A cultural amusement park

Okinawa World is the ultimate bundle of Okinawa culture.  The main attractions include Gyokusendo Cave, Kingdom Village, and Habu Park.Park entry varies depending on what parts of the park you wish to see. Admission is 1650 yen (all attractions)1240 yen (cave

Renting a bike in Tokyo

A great way to experience Tokyo is by riding a bikeThere are quite a few bike rental places in Tokyo, though my favourite is the bike service by Tokyo Bikes in Yanaka, Tokyo. [MAP:!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3239.1083599591943!2d139.

Need Improve Memory? Try Lotte Memory – Enhancing Chewing Gum

A strong memory depends on your health and brain’s vitality. The brain is often sweeping out old memories to enter new memories. The more time passes, the more likely we are to have forgotten much of it. So, what we can do to boost our memory? Workout, healthy

Top 5 Japanese Sheet Mask for Night Owl

Lack of sleep can bring some negative effect on your body. Your skin becomes imbalanced, breakouts, eye dark circles, redness, reduce moisture levels and loss skin elasticity. An occasional night without sleep may make your skin looks less youthful and less of

Gakuen Babysitters x Princess Cafe

New and currently popular anime, Gakuen Babysitter, this is probably the newest anime , that i've gotten into.That aside the manga is ongoing but the anime season just finished last week , not to be too sad because you'll get to meet the characters again, at 


Kamakura, a great day trip from Tokyo that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. Firstly, what's the best way to get there?We took the Shinjuku JR Shonan Shinjuku line (for Sushi) to Kita-Kamakura - Total round trip 920 yen.The total trip takes about an ho

The old checkpoint just before Tokyo ~ Nebukawa ~

Nebukawa is a small little town in Kanagawa close to the Izu peninsula. You can reach it by Tokaido line in around 80 minutes from Tokyo station. The first highlight of that town is the cute little station. It is an ancient wooden train station, which is right

3 ways to get inspired for your trip to Japan

Planning a trip to Japan can be overwhelming, especially when the country has so many things to offer. Now, as I am planning my second visit to the country, I have three essentials to help myself get ideas and inspiration for my trip, which allows me to focus

Japan’s Top 10 Most Popular Cafes for Instagrammers

Japan is a shopping paradise with plenty of stores selling local foods, souvenirs, electronics and cosmetics. There are stores for budgets from 100 yen shops to high-end department stores. No doubt, shopping is one of the most enjoyable things in Japan. Althou

Cardcaptors x Animate x Good Smile Cafe

Another Cardcaptor Cafe is running and its the best one i've been too ( out of all Cardcaptor cafes I've been to) , this time its located at Akihabara,On the 5F of Akiba Culuture Zone.Like the Gintama Cafe the illustrations are created for the cafe and the res