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Confectionery, Fuji Cycling and a Digital Assistant Wife : This Week in Japan

19% increase on Japanese Food purchases by International tourists Alright guys, chill on those sake-flavoured Kit Kats because too many of you guys are dropping some mad paper on these Japanese snacks. According to the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestr

City of Surprises, Kiyosu

After visiting Nagoya Castle I set off to Kiyosu, a town next to Nagoya which has… another castle. My first few days of the trip were dedicated to intense castle-hopping, they are easy to find around Nagoya considering the history of the area.dscn1710.jpg 406.

Day trip to Inuyama

Earlier this year I did a day trip to Inuyama from Nagoya. Everyone on the train got off at Inuyama station, so I was alone for the next few minutes until Inuyama-yuen. Inuyama-yuen is closer to the castle than Inuyama station, but is much smaller and doesn’t

Express Visit to Okazaki

Okazaki is a small city, often over-shadowed by nearby Nagoya, but it’s where Tokugawa Ieyasu (the shogun and one of the most important figures of Japanese history) was born. The city’s main sites are close together near the stations, so not much time is neede

A visit to Toyota's Car Factory

When I heard they not only offered tours around Toyota's factory, but free tours, I knew I had to find some time for it on my trip to Japan. And so I did! I did the reservation online some time before my trip and on my first full day in the country I woke up a

[Food Review] My Sashimi and Nabe experience in Nagoya

Hi guys, it's Christine Doan here. Today I'm gonna share with you the first time I have ever eaten the real Sashimi and Nabe "made in Japan". This is actually an underground restaurant and is right next to our hotel in Nagoya.The underground restaurant - photo

[Food Review] Unagi (eel rice) at Hanaoka Restaurant, Nagoya

Hi guys, this is Christine Doan and this is my first essay on Odigo. Today I'm gonna review one of the most well-known Japanese dishes beside sushi and sashimi, which is eel rice. This is also the first time I've ever tasted this amazing food in my entire life

5 Japanese Foods You Didn't Know Existed in Aichi (Nagoya)

Even though Japan is a relatively small island, each area has something unique about it. Often times it is FOOD--whether it be a special flavor, twist on classic cooking, or something completely different. Aichi prefecture is no exception! They have some delic

Sekigahara: A Battlefield Guide. History, sites and getting around

Fair warning, this is a post all about history! The Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 was a big battle that decided Tokugawa's soon-to-be position as the shogun of Japan after his victory with the Eastern forces. It still took three years for his shogunate to offic