Yamanashi, about 1½ hours from Tokyo, is surrounded by high mountains and is covered by huge beautiful forests, including Mount Fuji and the 5 lakes area. Visitors can hike, mountain climb and relax in the local onsen (hot springs). After your adventures be sure to have some Hoto (a local soup/stew) made with thick noodles and vegetables in a rich miso broth. Yamanashi has three national parks and is famous for growing delicious fruit, especially grapes and plums. Wine lovers the world over are discovering Yamanashi’s Koshu wine, and when you are visiting the area there are winery tours and fruit picking excursions that are fun and delicious. You can also try your hand at making washi paper, or bring home beautiful Yamanashi crystal or silk textiles. Glassware, paper making and weaving are the traditional artistic crafts of the prefecture.

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My favourite sweet treats from Chateraise patisserie

From a tiny shop in 1954 surrounded by lush green mountains in Kofu city, Chateraise has now made a name for itself both within Japan and internationally. The patisserie prides itself with only using the freshest of ingredients, contributed by local Japanese f

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Photo Cred: Flickr user odysseygate 68541312@N00/263691722/Houtou Houtou is a dish best known for its flat noodles and miso-based broth. While it may seem similar to udon noodles at first, the way they are made is distinctly different. Houtou noodles are prep

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Yamanashi is incredibly close to Tokyo and the metropolitan area, in that the prefecture is literally a train ride away from Shinjuku and the center of Tokyo. This means that there is no need to take a plane to the prefecture, making a quick day trip to the pr