Majestic Mount Fuji, rolling hills of green tea plantations, and the gorgeous coastline of the Izu Peninsula give Shizuoka a rich character that makes it a great destination for touring, exploring and making memories. The beachside community of Shimoda is a great place to get in touch with a slower lifestyle, relaxing on white sand beaches, hiking, and visiting local shops and restaurants. More green tea is grown in this prefecture than anywhere else in Japan and you can even try your hand at picking tea and learning about all the different types. The saltwater Lake Hamanako boasts world class hot springs, fishing and water sports, and the capital Shizuoka city has world-class​ art museums and a rich history.

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5 reasons to visit Shizuoka Prefecture

It's a difficult pick to decide which of Japan's prefectures that I've visited is my favorite, but the beauty of Shizuoka is hard to beat. On a recent trip back there, I was reminded of a few reasons why it's such a great spot to check out if you're headed to

Coastal Cafe Vibes in Shimoda

One of my favorite spots to visit in Japan is Shimoda, on the Izu Peninsula. I love the beaches, I love the entire atmosphere - and finding an awesome relaxed café just adds to the list of reasons that I want to keep returning to the area again and again!South

Hiking In Japan

IntroductionJapan is a country of mountains that have emerged from the sea over the course of thousands of years. Scale Mount Fuji to see the sunrise or take an afternoon stroll through around a pristine lake in the Japanese Alps; Japan has something to suit a