Saga has a natural beauty that inspires. It is one of the few prefectures that has two different ocean borders: The Sea of Genkai on the north and on its south side the fertile plain along the Sea of Ariake. Saga is perfect for adventuring whilst still enjoying a relaxed countryside vibe. It is home to globally famous pottery, delicious locally grown food, relaxing hot springs and colorful festivals. An annual must see event is the Karatsu Kunchi Festival featuring massive floats shaped like samurai helmets, sea bream, and dragons made using traditional techniques and constructed with wood, lacquer and other materials. This annual extravaganza draws crowds of anywhere between 150,000 to 500,000 people over the three day holiday.

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Bathe in a teacup (and so much more) in this fascinating part of Japan!

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Restaurant Without a Menu?! TERRY‘S(テリーズ) in Saga

Do you like surprises? There is a restaurant that doesn’t have a menu! You must be wondering how people can order. It’s simple: You just ask the owner, “Please get me a meal” in Japanese (Teishoku Kudasai). There is only one choice that you have to make, which