Japan’s Riviera: Welcome to “Hell”

Oita, on the eastern coast of Kyushu Island, with its thousands of onsens collectively spurting the most geothermally heated water in Japan, is truly the nation’s hot spring capital and a must-visit for those in search of volcanically-heated healing.

Oita is a steamy cornucopia of all-things-onsen. Beppu City and Yufuin Town in particular, with their arrays of nutrient-rich waters, offer bathers far more than just a bath. A myriad of healing remedies can be found as enthusiasts are steamed bare, covered in mud or sand, or, as vanilla as it sounds, just sat, as nature’s therapeutic baths work their magic. Designated a “Place of Scenic Beauty” the eight hot spring “Hells” of Beppu, however, are just for looking at. You have been warned. Beyond baths, Oita offers seasonal festivals like the rambunctious Nagahama Shrine Summer Festival and an abundance of local cuisine including Bungo Beef and horse mackerel — and, unrelated, if you stumble across Mount Takasaki Monkey Park there’s a sign that reads: “If you look into the monkeys’ eyes they will attack.” Dark sunglasses or mace recommended.


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Why Oita Should Be On Your Next Itinerary To Japan

 Tucked away on the eastern coast of Kyushu island, Oita Prefecture has many attractions suitable for all types of tourists. While the average visitor may only visit this area for their amazing onsen (hot spring) culture, there is a lot more to this prefecture

Oita in Focus: Scenic View of Heaven, Sea, and Earth (Mt. Tsurumi Ropeway in Late Autumn)

Kyushu is known for the mountains and volcanoes found in the area. Among of which is Mt. Tsurumi (lava domes) found in Oita Prefecture. Usually, people travel to Beppu or Yufuin city when they visit Oita. Mt. Tsurumi and the ropeway is found in the middle of t

Oita Food Guide

Seafood lovers will have lots to try in Oita Prefecture. When in Oita, you must try the Seki AJi and Seki Saba (the Seki horse mackerel and Seki mackerel) caught off the coast of Oita Prefecture. It is prized for the skilful way they are caught using the tradi