Island Hopping and Dolphin Spotting in Japan’s Preeminent Resort Spot

A stunning array of natural delights and mellow coastal vibes await in Kagoshima Prefecture at the expansive resort-rich southern tip of Kyushu Island.

Known as the “Naples of the East” with its subtropical climes, stunning coastline and bountiful mountains, including the iconic and perpetually smoking Sakurajima volcano, Kagoshima Prefecture is a resplendent resort spot and more bursting with bubbling onsens and phenomenal natural scenery stretching southbound and comprising 30 incomparably gorgeous islets. Island-hoppers can zip by jet-foil to Yakushima Island, one of Japan’s first listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites and be greeted by enhancing cedar forests and charming sandy beaches where loggerhead turtles come to nest. A drive along the coast of Kagoshima Bay, along with more onsens than you can shake a stick at, offers great vantage points to spot bottlenose dolphins in their natural environment. Or, for 1,500 yen, you can watch then jump through hoops and eat dead fish at Kagoshima City Aquarium.


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Kagoshima For The First Time

Kagoshima Prefecture, at the southernmost part of Kyushu, is rich in stunning and dramatic natural beauty, from live volcanoes to turquoise oceans and mystical ancient forests. Kagoshima city also played a key role in Japan’s modern history, and is the birthpl