Iwate is the prefecture with the largest landmass in Japan. It is on the Pacific coast in the northern Tohoku region. The capital city Morioka is famous for its castle and local noodle dishes. A former political and cultural center, the city of Hiraizumi has many national treasures and historical ruins. Iwate’s scenic coast was badly hit by the March 2011 tsunami, but the prefecture continues to rebuild and reach out to the world. You can try amazing seafood dishes and explore the enchanting saw-toothed cliffs of the coastline. Another great area is Hanamaki City famous for hot spring resorts and easy to visit because of its airport. You can discover both history and nature in this beautiful prefecture.

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Connecting with Departed Loved Ones Through Japan's Wind Phone

Out on a small hill in the town of Otsuchi  stands a British style telephone booth, with its distinctive glass panes looking out to a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. But unlike the regular iconic British telephone booths, this one is white, intimating

Morioka: Most Walkable City in Tohoku (Shinkansen Diary Series)

Snapseed.jpg 1.21 MBAs you traverse through Tohoku towards Hokkaido on the Shinkansen, you'll have to pass through Morioka, the capital city of Iwate.  This city was of great importance during Japan's Industrial revolution in the Meiji era, and the influence