A Deeply Cultural Region Sat/sitting on The Sea of Japan’s Coast

This topologically diverse region with its stirring seas, lofty mountains and yawning valleys offers up equally varied treats spanning ancient craftwork, flawless gardens and mouthwatering seafood.

Serenity and more can be experienced at Kenrokuen, the Garden of the Six Sublimities, which is thought to comprise attributes making it the “perfect garden,” and thirsts can be quenched in the Higashi Chaya District, with its exquisitely preserved Edo-era teahouses. The Nomura Samurai House is a bone fide warrior's home, set in a stunningly authentic garden. Ishikawa is also home to Japan’s famed Kaga-yuzen silk and Kanazawa-haku gilded crafts. For foodies, the sashimi is among the country’s best, with abalone and yellowtail being particularly popular. Ishikawa also boasts the Motorcar Museum of Japan. Along with a bunch of cars, the facilities also offer a porcelain-crafted washlet for those who enjoy high art along with restroom hygiene — should’ve made one in the shape of a Lambo really…


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