Famous for its gorgeous mountains and luxurious onsens (hot springs) Gunma is a nature lover's delight. Maebashi City, home to many parks and flower gardens, is the capital. Some of the most famous mountains in Japan after Mt. Fuji are located in Gunma; including the “Jomo-Sanzan” (three famous mountains) Mount Akagi, Mount Haruna and Mount Myogi. Visitors can explore the great outdoors in Oze National Park. Home to historical shrines and temples such as Myogi Shrine and Haruna Shrine, Gunma preserves the spiritual cultures of Shinto and Zen Buddhism in Japan. Many places in Gunma are accessible in just about an hour from Tokyo which makes it an area that is easy to visit, even for those here on a short trip.

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Gunma Food Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user nakashiKonjac Ever heard of Konjac? If not, don’t be intimidated by the plant’s outer features. Simply put, Konjac is a type of yam, and the starch taken from the root can be cooked and used to make a faux-gelatin. It is especially han

Gunma Access Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user KurumanGunma is relatively close to the Metropolitan area, and therefore is a great destination for those that want to get out of the urban center and experience rural Japan, without wanting to go too far out of the way or spend too mu

Gunma 2-day-tour Itinerary

Gunma prefecture is perfect for that 1 or 2-day getaway from the urban center of Japan. It is relatively easy to get to the prefecture from Tokyo, as well as being relatively cheap to get there. Here is an itinerary to get you started.Photo Cred: Flickr user D