A Very Special Blend of People, Places and Things (to do & eat) on Japan’s Kyushu Island

Surrounded by sea on three sides, Fukuoka Prefecture is a distinctive assortment of Kyushu Island’s affable folk, glorious parks, buzzing city life and lip-smacking grub influenced by its overseas neighbours.

Soak up Kyushu's unique atmosphere in the heart of the prefecture, Fukuoka City. A wander around the pond at the restorative Ohori Park will ultimately end up at the Fukuoka Castle Ruins, a particular hot spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring, or in one of the many museums, spanning folk art, robotics, Mongolian invasions and dolls. Kushida Shrine, founded in 757 CE, is the urban host of the region’s biggest annual Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival, while Dazaifu Tenmangu is a shrine deifying the spirit of Michizane — the God of literature. Down a hearty bowl of Hakata Ramen or Tetsunabe Gyoza and taste a wider Asian influence. And if you like your eggs fresh from cods’ ovaries, but just a little bit spicy, then Fukuoka’s for you. It’s called Mentaiko.


Places to visit in Fukuoka

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How to travel around the city of Fukuoka

Fukuoka is the 5th largest population in Japan. Therefore, public transportation are excellent and convenient to access to various sightseeing spots in Fukuoka city. When you travel from somewhere else to Fukuoka airport, just 5 minutes away from airport to Ha

Exploring Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine: Blessing for Education

I am just about to start my graduate studies in Japan, but I wanted some travel time while in Fukuoka. So before I went to University I passed by this famous shrine, "Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine".Prayer area of Dazaifu Shrine.Garden towards the inner shrineCleansi


Located only a three-minute walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station, & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA is the perfect place to stay at for your Fukuoka trip.  Never mind the fact that it’s right smack in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Fukuoka; it also has a bar a